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Feature Requests: Instructables Editor Answered

Insert Tables
Can we have an easy way to insert tables in an Instructable? It's a really arduous task to use the HTML editor to display information in a tabular form.
Some use cases for tables:

  • Parts & Material List - includes Part specifications, type, quantity, link, etc
  • Electronic Connections - E.g: If an Arduino is connected to a sensor. The Arduino pins are in one column while the sensor pins are in another column.
  • Explaining Code Snippets (see attached image)

Embed GitHub Repository
Maintaining code is made easy with services like GitHub especially if you want to make updates or bug fixes. You may have come across an Instructable wherein the code no longer works since it was based on outdated libraries & dependencies. It also encourages users to collaborate thereby keeping the code updated. You can also store electronic schematics, 3D printing files, laser cutting files, etc.

Code Snippets
I know its currently possible to highlight code within an Instructable. Example:


In the above case, the entire line is a code snippet.
But what if my intention was to explain the function 'digitalWrite()' and instead only want to highlight the word 'digitalWrite()'.
This is how it will look in the current editor:

If the pin is configured as an INPUT, digitalWrite() will enable (HIGH) or disable (LOW) the internal pullup on the input pin.

Just my 2 Rupees.



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