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Feature request - authoring badges Answered

This is a feature request to allow authors to add info/warning badges to their instructables. As an example
1. These would be icons that appear at say top left of an ible, like you have the medals on top right.
2. An author could add a maximum of three badges.
3. These would be selectable from a predefined set provided by your site. i.e. no custom badges.
4. Viewers could then also filter search results based on these badges as well.
5. Examples of badges would be things like
    a. Indicate if special tools have been used or not used e.g. laser cutters, 3D printers, rotary tools, CNC etc. not every user has these.
    b. Warn users about materials used e.g. dangerous chemicals (flamable, toxic, corrosive), radiation hazard, special protective gear required e.g. gas masks, this is over and above normal safety precautions.
    c. warn about age inappropriate content e.g. adult only or adult supervision required.
Depending on user response/requests the collection of badges could be reviewed and enhanced.



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5 years ago

That sounds like a nice idea, though it would involve a lot of coding for the development team.

My personal opinion, though, would be that it's not a desirable feature.

Many projects that use specialist tools can be recreated using simpler tools (most of my laser-cutting projects could be done with hand-tools and a soldering iron, it would just take a lot longer), and often they can inspire the creative juices in unpredictable ways, so why avoid reading them?

Well-written instructables (and it's obvious when an author cares about their work) include safety warnings.

There is very little adult content here (I can think of maybe a dozen, a out of tens of thousands), and most of the NSFW projects have been removed from the search tools anyway, and are only accessible by the direct link.

As for supervision, that really depends on the reader and their families - there are some children I would happily leave alone with soldering irons around a roaring campfire, and there are some adults I wouldn't trust with a sharp pencil.