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Feature request - copy step. Answered

Could you add the ability to copy a step from one instructable to another?

For instance, I do a lot of work with the ATtiny chips. Each instructable has the same instructions telling how to load the chip definitions into the Arduino IDE and program the chip. Without this the instructable would be incomplete, and it is a lot of work to copy it every time.

Thank you


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4 years ago

From an SEO perspective, it's actually much better if you don't copy/paste the content, but link to it instead.

When Google sees multiple URLs with the same content, they think you're trying to game the system. We know you're not, but it might be better to think about ways to reduce the amount you're copy/pasting. Instead of copying a bunch, maybe separate out the "common" steps into their own Instructable. Include a brief summary and link to that Instructable as the first step of projects that build on it.

Collections can also be used for this purpose. "Basics of ATtiny" would be a terrific collection to have, and to link to.