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I recently got featured, and the e-mail says it takes up to 30 mins to show the banner. It's been like, a day and a half. And don''t you get 3 months Pro membership? I wasn't offered. or at least yet. Thanks in advance!

And don't you hate it when people don't choose a 'Best Answer'??



Best Answer 9 years ago

As ChrysN noted, you only get the 3-month membership if your I'ble is featured at the top-level; yours was featured only at Category level.

The Featured banner used to be shown on the Instructables on user pages; there is currently a discussion between users and staff to try to get this put back.

If you go to the Recent Instructables pages, then you will see the Featured banner on your instructable.


9 years ago

I assume you mean your CD stand pencil holder. It is featured in the channel (knex) and category (play) but not a full feature (appears on the homepage).

Unfortunately only the full feature gets you 3 months free pro.

Also the banner does not get put on your ible. Though your instructable will appear on the front of the play category and knex channel which will get you more view.