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''Featured instruct able'' bug Answered

Two of my recent ibles (coin pendant, and glow epoxy) were suposedly featured. I got an e-mail for each one, but they never got a ribbon and they never got on the first page. Could a mod please try and re-feature them? It's really important, they are in a contest....

If I'm going to even stand a chance in the guerrilla glue contest, I need my featured instructable able''glow epoxy'' to appear on the front page so I can get the views and ratings. but right now, it doesn't even have a featured ribbon.

Please help, this bug is making me nuts!!!!!!



9 years ago

Moved to Feedback.


9 years ago

. Not a bug. Both of those iBles (links would have been nice) are featured at the category and channel levels, not site level.