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Feedback-Clarinet Bike Concept Answered

Not sure which forum this would fit into most effectively so I placed it here.

I have quite a significant number of junk clarinets and I am looking to make/decorate a bicycle with them. It would clearly not be safe to make the frame from clarinets so I was thinking Id build it off of an old, black frame. The question comes down to construction. I am not sure how I would go about doing it. The inside of a clarinet is too narrow to slide down a bike's frame even if you could get it there. I considered drilling out the middle then cutting it in half in an attempt to affix it to the frame, but Im not sure. The other consideration was to remove all the metal pieces from a clarinet and attach them to a black frame in a manner reminiscent of clarinets.

I also considered a variety of accessories, reed themed basket, clarinet-bell horn, etc.

Any thoughts on the concept, additional ideas and/or ideas about the construction.



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8 years ago

What about making the bike frame out of narrower solid tube than the traditional hollow tube? Being solid would be heavier, but you could get it narrow enough to slide the clarinets onto the frame (and still be strong enough to work as a frame); and since this is more of a 'theme bike build', I don't think weight is something you have to really worry too much about.