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Feedback on glove tutorial? Answered

I made this instructable on how to make gloves the other day and I was hoping for some feedback from some fresh eyes. It's a pretty advanced topic, but I'd like to see if people without sewing experience can glean something from it too. Do the diagrams make sense? Is the pace okay? Any concrit is appreciated.

Instructable is here: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Gloves/



8 years ago

Great diagrams! They're very clear. I've never seen a pattern for gloves made that way before... it'sa very good idea and especially useful for non-standard hands.


8 years ago

That is an really good Instructable! Fantastic, actually. I'm sort of surprised it has not been featured.

Definitely the canonical glove ible
  • Intro 80 characters are total-yawn ("If you liked this instructable, please vote for me!"). This is visible on search engines, re-published on blogs...The intro sentence definitely needs to reinforce a catchy title and help sell the idea. Careful writing is important, in addition to the idea/work.
  • Main image is appro, but not catchy. Something more epic (cosplay glove ?) or more color (?)
  • Title is appro, but not catchy.
  • Handwriting on the diagrams is ~messy, detracts from the clever images. Cute- & clarify-up the handwriting (?)
  • Were the drawings originally raster-images?  Draw as vector image for more crispness and weight (?)
DISCLAIMER: In spite of the suggestions above, this is really a great Instructable! Almost epic.

One last concrit: this should have been posted in the clinic.

8 years ago

If I ever find my thread I'll use this, it's good.