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Felting - what type of knitwear? Answered

I have some stained sweaters, i.e. cannot be worn, which I'd like to felt for craft projects, but I'm not sure what will felt successfully. That is does it have to be 100% wool? If not what is the minimum amount of wool it has to contain to be felt-able?
Thank you for your help.     



9 years ago

i believe it should be at least 80% wool to felt nicely


9 years ago

Why not investigate, then let us know?

Presumably your sweaters all have different amounts of wool - if they are NFU, why not try to felt each one, taking before and after images, and noting your felting methods, then do a slideshow to let other people know what happens?  Similar things have been done before.

The sweaters that do not felt can be discarded, or used as stuffing for some other project.  Those that do felt can be used for your craft projects (to go on and produce more Instructables), and other people will have the benefit of your experiences.