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Fhp motors uoz 112 g 70 Answered

How to connect to ac the motor has 7 pins wich pin2 and 3 are brushes .need some help please


Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

24 days ago

I found a Youtube video featuring your motor, or at least the phrase "FHP UOZ 112 G55" is in the title, and the teaser image kind of looks like the picture you attached to this topic. I have not watched this video.


I am guessing your motor is a universal motor.


That kind of motor has a stator winding, a rotor winding connected via brushes, and uh... what else?

This instructable,


shows a hand drawn diagram, with two pins for a "tacho coil."

I am guessing that does not refer to Mexican food (spelled "taco"), but rather a kind of "tachometer" sensor, for measuring angular speed.

Do we have enough pins yet? You said your motor has 7 pins?

I suppose success depends on correctly discovering which pins go to what things.

Perhaps by looking at a whole bunch of different, "washing machine motor wiring diagram"


you might discover which one is specific, or approximate, your motor.