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Fiber optic cable to laser projector? Answered

I purchased a "Mr. Christmas" Laser (green) Outdoor Holiday Projector to add to my holiday lighting this year. Being rightly concerned with theft if I was naive enough to leave the projector outside, I thought of using fiber optic cable attached to the laser lens housing (still haven't worked out how I would accomplish that), and routing it from inside the house to a point outiside where the cable end would project on a wall or my garage door, providing a show (sans sound), but protecting the laser projector from theft. Is my idea feasible? If not, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks. 




Best Answer 3 years ago

You would need many, many optical fibres, plus lenses for focusing.

If you shine the image down a single fibre, all that will come out the far end is a single green beam.

You need to be able to project the image onto the end of a bundle of fibres, and keep those fibres in exactly the same arrangement all the way through the bundle to the projecting end, where another set of lenses can focus the image onto a surface. Each fibre will act as a singe pixel of the image, so you will need hundreds of fibres for a decent image.

If you want to keep the projector indoors, shine it from a window, and think differently about the "screen" - what about your front lawn? The driveway? A neighbour's roof or front wall? Why not hang up a screen, or put a mirror on a post outside the window to sent the image to a wall beside the window.

If you are not near an air lane, why not project upwards, onto the clouds?

Oldie Juan Kenobi

3 years ago

Thanks, Kiteman. Your answer is along the lines I initially followed before thinking of the fiber optic tube.

Would stainless steel mirrors (like the type used on camping trips) be as effective as glass mirrors for reflecting the image?


3 years ago

No, any fibre in front of the laser is going to obstruct instead of transmit.

Best to build a heavy concrete box with a locking steel door with laser inside, 100kg of concrete should be enough to prevent a casual nick and run.

you want to go with an unusal look, then I'd suggest a hexagonal
basaltic column with a matching hexagonal pyramidal cap made from folded
sheet metal with welded tabs so that it can be attached to the stone
column with rawl bolts.

Laser to be mounted inside the steel cap with an opening to permit the laser beam only.

Probably best to first mount the laser and then rawl bolt the assembly to the column.

Maybe use those security rawl bolts that are used for external wall mounted Spanish burglar bars.

Josehf Murchison

3 years ago

No it is built like a kaleidoscope behind a projector lens.

I don't see how you could send that through a optic cable.