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Fibreglassing a spray deflector extension onto an acrylic boat windscreen? Answered

I want to add some height to the top of my old boat windscreen which will (hopefully) deflect a lot of seaspray & keep my crew drier & happier.
The plan is to make the extension out of ply & cover it in fibreglass, overlapping the glass onto the top of existing screen & then painting the lot.
I will also fit strengthening points to the ply to take the stress off of the windscreen.
Could someone please tell me the best way to prep the old screen ready to apply the glass?
Also after I am done with glassing, what would be a good paint type to apply to these surfaces please?



8 years ago

Careful now, at speed you may still get wet through the way air flows. Are you working from a proven-design?
Couldn't you use Perspex / polycarbonate (whatever it is) and some nuts/bolts/washers?