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Film Ideas???? Answered

Hi everybody I'm Nat from Lost in the Woods Productions (a not so indie.., indie film company ish) And the writers and I have a serious case of writers (and in my case dreamers )block. So I'm turning to you the general public for our first film idea! I hope to work close with you on the scripting,filming and post production. And you will be credited for all your work as a Producer. We don't have a Film out yet as Lost in the Woods so this would be our first.

 My team and I are awaiting your feedback,
Nat, Director at Lost in the Woods Production
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7 years ago

Your blog-page says "LITW make all kinds of short films", but I don't see any.

-Is this true, or do you mean "I would like to make all kinds of short films"?



7 years ago

Not really something I could answer with a right or wrong answer...this would make a great forum topic in the community forums (link at the top).

Take all the clever movies that have come out in a long time - start with reality, but take one immutable fact, and turn it on its head.
Gravity, time, mass, death. Cancel any one of them and you have a theme.

Take 2 features or stereotypes and reverse them/superimpose them (not like freaky friday - too literal) - like beverly hillbillies. Take something comfortable and put it in an environment where it is not, see where it goes.