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Film maker needs help! Answered

Hey guys,

So I'm an experimental a 21 year old film maker. Basically I try to innovate with film and perception which is how I won the Sheridan College Media arts award for experimental film making last year (this is however why I'm expected to make something great this year).

My latest notion is in spinning camera's. If a camera is spinning (attached to the end of a drill let say) you get a blur but  because I'm an animator I'm familiar with the persistence of vision. This is a frequent DIYS project (persistence of vision clocks) from what I can tell.

I need to create a very simple 5 or 6 led light that, when a camera is spinning in front of it, will display what ever I wish (text, images, ect). So instead of the lights spinning the camera is. Obviously more LED's the more complicated it can be.

Now... I don't know where to begin with my questions. Could I pay you to create user friendly software and hardware? Are you willing to help for recognition purposes? Can you only make software? Can you only make hardware? Where do I begin to inquire?

I guess this project is for those who are interested in innovation more than anything... I really need a community of friends on this one :(



6 years ago

I just wanted to throw this idea out there.... instead of spinning the CAMERA, you could have a SMALL (front surface type) mirror that spins (slowly, at an angle near the lens). Or maybe a GREEN-SCREEN square spinning that you could video-edit anything onto. I once considered this idea for use in a security camera so the camera could stay stationary but a mirror would rotate around to give a 360 degree view of my property. This helps keep the video wires from rotating or also keeps the camera stationary for settings while the mirror only spins. Just an idea, maybe it will help. Good luck.


7 years ago

You'd do better & easier to simply add the "what ever I wish" to the blur with editing software.

How about spinning steadily but having actors and props move to compensate, like wrong-way escalator-ing?

A revolving-dance-floor is what you'd need...



Reply 7 years ago

I think my original post might have been confusing. I meant literally will have a camera at the end of a drill spinning creating a radial blur meaning if a stationary LED is programmed and located at the 12 oclock position it will actually begin to produce an image.


Reply 7 years ago

It's a hard way of going about a blur with text.
Flowing movement with some blur, and sharp-focus in the foreground gives you more to work with.