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Filtering bug when viewing more than 15 ibles in a contest Answered

When entering in a contest page, it shows automatically 15 instructables below "Most viewed" title. At the bottom of this section, there is buttons to view more and the button "1" is highlighted. The button "2" links to more instructables, but it changes the filtering option to "rating", so sometimes you can see the same instructable repeated (i.e. is the 2nd in viewing count, but 20th in rating count). This is quite annoying, because then you click "prev" button and you don't see the first 15 ibles. You get crazy thinking there is something wrong with ordering... until you realize that navigation is now with "rating" filtering, not with "views" option! Also, "next entries" doesn't link the same that current page + 1, it starts with "rating" from 1. In short, I suggest to change number buttons with "view" filtering (HITS_TOTAL) instead of rating (RATING), and to link "next entries" button the same of "2" button. (I see this in several contests currently running, it seems to be a general bug).


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