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Finding 550-motor worm ? Answered

Hey there,
Recently I bought a bunch of 550-size (drill) motors from eBay, and I've really been itching lately to build some worm gearboxes out of them, the purpose of which would be a robotic arm or anything that requires huge amounts of torque. However, I haven't been able to find a site that supplies metal worms that fit on 1/8 inch shafts, at a reasonable price. Almost all sites I've seen supply only automotive-style parts, but of course  I don't need heat-treated steel. Or, for that matter, to lighten my wallet by $20 for a single worm.

As for the worm itself, I don't have any other requirements other than that it needs to be metal (lots of strain on them) and have an inner-diameter of 1/8 inch. It doesn't have to have a set screw or fancy collar or anything- just a plain worm.

I'd really like to find a store that sells these at a reasonable price, as I will need around 20 of them. Could someone help me out?


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The Skinnerz
The Skinnerz

9 years ago

You are probably best looking around model engineering, and educational suppliers.

You may also have more luck looking for 3mm parts (I've only seen metric sizes about), and opening out the hole a little if necessary.

Other than that, it is a somewhat speciality item, so unlikely to be cheap.