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Finding Risc processors Answered

Hi all, I've spent a great deal of time reading up on microprocessors so I can get involved with such an activity. However, I have found great difficulties in finding a high performance RISC processor. Being in the UK, I can only find one or two providers with a limited range of processors, and that isn't just RISC ones. I also get a little swamped looking at manufacturer's websites. It's very strange they all seem to boast an architecture with XYZ Mhz of max performance, but on their spec tables there is no processor with this maxed figure shown and a lot of entries /fields are empty making 99% of their processors unknown in spec. Highly annoy and useless. I'm not looking for anything special in regards to added features to the processor (I find most of it unnecessary and as a means to charge more money, apologizes for my ignorance in this;)), just a basic chip that can process a lot (thus higher Mhz) is all im after. lower power consumption are a great/big bonus for me though. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be great. I've found many processors (for example, arm cortex-a by sounds of things is perfect: Over 1ghz of performance. Only problem no one seems to be making them; to the public like us anyway. Looking for microcontrollers seems to be quite a difficult task, if anyone has resources, sites or retailer /suppliers (UK for me, but feel free to post other countries for other user's benefit) or anything that would help it would be appreciated. I dont want you to do my dirty work, just guide me in the right direction. On another subject, at least with arm processors I've read the speed rating (for example 500mhz), if you x3 it'll give the "real speed" due to that 3 phase of processing it does. making 500mhz more like <1.5ghz. of course, it isn't exactly x3, the point im making the processing performance is better due to the 3 phases. thank you for your time.


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