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Finding authors who like to share and co-operate with their instructables Answered

This is Kalimov. I am now working in an education company called Shanghai Genius Education Technology Co. Ltd. that mainly deals with schools in China. I am also a maker, too. For several years, I've read about instructables on instructables.com and many of them were quite amazing, both in techniques or ideas. I think why not introduce them to kids in schools of China? I've asked the staff commitee about my idea and now I'm sharing this idea to you. Below is my thinking.

My company wants to introduce some overseas instructables to schools in Shanghai or other cities in China. We also want to publish books of tutorial compilation. We are willing to translate English to Chinese. We like to share the backstories of a making and autobiography of you. What we need is your permission that you like to share or write out how much benefit you want (PM). 

Summary: In the book and the app we are going to publish, there are introduction of instructables.com, your profile and tutorials, your backstories. We share the benefit from education market. All sales reports are going to be visible to everyone.

Besides, I also collect some of my crafting these years and I have made a post here. https://www.instructables.com/id/Some-Pictures-of-Crafting-I-Made-These-Years/. Thanks to Mike Asarus, Liquid Wash Hand and many members in instructables.com that they keep inspiring DIYers all the time!


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