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Finishing Felt Answered

I can see on your coasters here that you're not folding over the felt in a hem at the edges, what's different about felt that allows you to leave the edges raw instead of hemming them as you would on woven fabric?



Best Answer 3 years ago

Essentially there are two types of fabrics: woven and nonwoven. Woven fabric is made from separate threads (or fibers) that are woven together. When you cut the edge, these single threads unravel and begin to fray. The quilting cotton I use to make the gadget case is a good example of woven fabric. (And I always recommend cutting woven fabric with pinking shears to stop it from unravelling!)

Felt is a nonwoven fabric that is made by pressing and matting natural or synthetic fibers together. This means the fibers stay together when the edge is cut because they've essentially been fused together during the making of the felt. :)