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Fire Kit Answered

Here's an idea for a fire kit, not necessarily for survival or emergency. Someone want to make an ible out of it ?

The idea here is that a coke can, once  completely dry, could provide both lightweight waterproof storage for tinder and lighting , and  also be an item to help structure the fire layout to provide proper draft and heat containment, . After the can is  dry you could stuff in some matches and cotton lint or vaseline balls, maybe a magneium stick. Maybe an obviously small candle.  Some items may need wrapping.  Then duct tape the hole When it came time to use, open with a knife.
How exactly I would use the can to structure the fire is an open question.  


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8 years ago

Depending on your need, is much easier to use a medicine bottle or food product one. They are sealed tight, flexible and some are transparent so you can see what is inside. Wide mouth one can be used to fit smaller bottles or boxes inside. Place cotton balls(wet or dry),matches,flammable fluid and other small items inside 35mm film canister and then inside the larger bottle or can. You will haroom for tinder, knife and more. Some examples are; salt, cookies container.