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Fire Proximity Suit Build - Keep Super Cool! Answered

I am desperately trying to find a way to create a fire proximity suit.
Picture https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fire_fighters_practice_with_spraying_equipment,_March_1981.jpg#mw-jump-to-license

I have been looking everywhere for the alumizied fabric that is used. I want to make it more for prop purposes, or to wear on a really hot day.
So it does not need to be flame proof!

Anybody have any ideas on where I could fine or what I should be searching for?



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5 years ago

If you're just wanting to make a costume, think about using aluminised Mylar film (emergency blanket) sewn or glued onto a suit sewn from one or more layers of stiff fabric, such as denim or a thick woollen blanket.

Be very aware, though, that it will not keep you cool!

Shiny surfaces do not just reflect heat, they make it hard for heat to radiate (which is why emergency blankets are shiny). Add the layers of fabric, and you'll be sweating pints (just like fire-fighters do in the real suits). Wear it on a sunny day, and you're setting yourself up for heat-stroke.

However, the idea would make a brilliant Halloween costume - you wouldn't have to worry about over-heating in the October night air, and you'll look cool reflecting all the pumpkin candles and camera flashes.

Mutant Tortoise
Mutant Tortoise

Reply 5 years ago

Thanks I will look into this Mylar film.
Looking forward to scaring children....