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Fire pit to pizza oven conversion Answered

when i bought my house there was an old brick fire pit in the back yard.  it is about 3 foot square and 2.5 feet tall with a brick column like chimney up the back, that  is also 2.5 feet tall. 

I already have a nice bbq and am wondering it it would be possible or worth it to build the fire pit up into a pizza oven? 

I have never laid brick before and the brick oven project i found when searching the site did not look to be made of brick.



7 years ago

I had a pizza oven and loved it! I used it all the time. Especially summer pizzas and fall root veggies. If you insulate it enough it is an excellent extra oven for pies and bread for the holidays! And the yams are heavenly! Look into brick bread ovens, they are generally more usable designs an they cook pizza just fine.

Oh...you can't forget the fire roasted tomatoes! Every gardener needs one!