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Fishing the traditional way Answered

A while ago I had a very bad day of fishing in terms of catching something for my frying pan or freezer.
Same story for the old bloke sitting a few meters away from me.
So we decided to pass some time with useless chats about our previous record fish we caught.
While the old bloke changed bait I noticed that he did not have a hook at the end of the line.....

What is that contraption and how do you catch fish with it?
Old bloke laughed and said he goes hunting a lot too and always keeps the antlers from deer and such.
Instead of a hook he used a round and pointy bar with a little notch slightly off the middle.
Couldn't figure out how this possibly could hook a fish, so got a bigger laugh for it this time :(
"Make a loose fist, put it in and then pull on the line." he said and I was dumb enough to assume it would not work :(
Figure it out by getting two bleeding pricks...
Fish swallows the "stick" inside the bait and one there is some pull one pointy end will always get stuck.
The other moves until there is no room to move anymore and the fish is spiked up for good.
Only downside is that one you get a fish too big it might not grab - bad luck then LOL

This approach instead of steel hooks reminded me of the bamboo fishing poles my grandfather used to make.
Be it for eel, trout, carp or even from the boat for pollock and sardine - he loved his bamboo.
Even made me my fisrt fly fishing rod from a piece of bamboo :)
The old guy however had more than hand made rods or horn needles as hooks.
When his hands were still as good as his eyes he even made flies from these horn sticks!
He explained the process to me but I never had the patience for normal flies and doing this with horn sticks and estimating how big the biggest fish might be while making sure it is neither too heavy nor fails to float...

What I really liked about this otherwise wasted fishing day was the stories I got from the old man.
"You don't need fancy or oversensitive gear to fish, a safety pin and some packing coad do just fine if you are hungry!"
Best story was how he caught a 2m gummy shark with a hand line meant to catch some sardines for bait.
I could really his 3 hour struggle to get the thing on board LOL

What are your most successfull old school or just plain weird catches with something a real sports fisherman would not even touch to cast?


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Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

9 months ago

Spring run tickling fish.
During the spring run the fish would bump into each other swimming up stream.
They would get accustomed to being touched.
I would lay on the river bank with my arm in the water and gently pet the fish until I found it's gills. Then grab the fish by the gills and throw it up on the river bank.
At one point I could tell the sex of white suckers before pulling them out of the water.
Every once in a while I would get a nice trout.


Reply 9 months ago

Hmmm, everywhere I lived so far there was closed season during this time.
And to be honest: I never had a nice river with enough fish to swim with them either :(
Would love to try your way one day though :)

Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

Reply 9 months ago

I wouldn't try it where you live too many crocks and bull sharks.


Reply 9 months ago

What do you mean?
Don't tell me you only go fishing in safe water?
Where would be the fun in that??
Just do what everyone does if the is a croc in the water...
Stare it in the exes until the croc gives up and goes under.
What you can't see won't hurt you! ;)


1 year ago

Your post reminds me of a tale my father told me concerning how when they wanted to catch wild street pigeons to kill and eat (not wild wood pigeons which you cannot get near - but feral town birds which big towns in the UK have hundreds of) They used to get some hair from a horses tail or mane, cut it to size then find an handful of corn or pigeon peas, take a needle and poke a small hole in the grain/s with this sewing needle, they would then thread a short piece of horse hair into the grain and throw it in amongst a group of street pigeons looking for food, these birds would dive on the grain and swallow it, the horse hair would get stuck in their throats and they would then flap about 'choking on it' and unable to fly off, he then went around picking them up for the pot. They had been rendered helpless. I have never tried this and this tale is well over an 100 years old. If anyone tries it out let me know.