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Fixing a mosquito bite quickly! Answered

You suffer for days after one of these tiny vampires got you?
The itching drives you mad?
And unlike some people your bites always get worse from day two onwards?

If so, then you might have the same problem as I have...
No matter how much hate and disgust you show, these mozzies just love you.
And as this wouldn't be bad enough your body totally overreacts every time.
A bite for me meant numbing cremes or sprays, anti-histamines and if doubt putting a heavy duty bandaid over it so if I forget the scratching won't do too much harm.
Despite all this 5 to 6 days until the itch, swelling and irritation stop...

A few weeks ago while fishing I had a nice chat with a man way into his 80's already.
He laughed when I started to spray all uncovered parts of my body with tropical strenght insect repellent.
Told him my reasons and then he said I should try something he used during his army times for bites of unknown critters.
In the jungle they often relied on local guides and they provided a solution that seems to be totally forgotten these day - even I did not know it LOL

Theory behind it...
If you know these "insect bite clicker" then you already know how it is put into comercial use - without ringing much relief.
Whenever something bad enters the body there is a reaction to fight it off or dispose of it.
Problem with insect bites, be it mozzies or sand flies, is that all this bad stuff is concentrated in a very tiny area.
And being mostly skin tissue makes it hard to deal with it.
By applying pressure and massage like motion to the bite the contaminent are spread through the tissue.
If you leave a small dint with little to no color left after 2 or so minutes you doing it good.
Try to use something hard here, like a spoon, bottle cap, end of a screwdriver - whatever is slightly rounded and solid.
You will notice that the itch gets quite bad once the bloodflow starts again and within minutes the bite area will swell up and form a more or less evenly formed hump.
The hump will be pale in color while around it the skin is slightly red from the added bloodflow.
Don't scratch! Just wait until a nice hump has formed where you can clearly make out the rim.
Now use the same pressure method as before and spread out the hump while constaly pushing it in and "wobbling" around to massage the area a bit.
Do this as before for about 2 minutes and if you still see a destinct difference between bite aea and surrounding tissue continue for a bit longer.
Should not take more than 5 minutes to have the area nice and even again.
Wait again and check for new singns of swelling up - there should not be any.
If there is simply repeat one last time.
The remaining itch will go away within about an hour instead of days and there won't be any severe after effects from day 2 onwards either anymore.

It can help to use heat as well.
For example by heating up the spoon in some hot water before using it.
But keep the heat at a level you can tolerate!!! Do not heat the spoon to the point where you feel pain from the heat.

Try it out and report back! :)


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1 year ago

You could just use a mosquito repellent lotion to just be on the safer side. Wouldn't you?
That is how to save yourself from a mosquito bite.


Reply 11 months ago

Sometimes all the repellant does is make them hover for a sec before landing n biting. Im in Qld and i use a Thailand strength jungle repellant, works ok but not something you want on your skin all the time