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Flagging not working Answered

I tried to flag a comment here but totally failed as nothing at all happens when clicking on the flag.
Running on Win7 64 using both Chrome and Firefox to no avail.

Also notice when starting a new topic the upload area is messed up.
Tip: Select multiple files using CTR
Is this uploader not working for you
These two lines of text are printed on top of each other.


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

4 years ago

The gods do work in mysterious ways. Doesn't seem like there is anything to flag in the linked topic. I had flagged this daily for a few days, yeah, it was only a minor word infraction on the younger audience here and you know how I like to talk like a pirate but it seems it may now be acceptable since they left the topic unedited.

It is a big USA holiday weekend so maybe you got caught up while they were doing updates to the system.