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Flash Drive file copier? Answered

I have an idea for a project but im not sure where to start. I want to make a device with two USB ports. You insert a flash drive into one and your android phone in the other and then you press a button and files from the flash drive are transfered to your phone. To start I want to know if there are any chips or micro controllers that anyone knows of that can be used for this. I know that there is a device called a syncbox (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/415491-REG/Macally_SYNCBOX.html) that copies files from one flash drive to another. But i dont think it works for phones. If anybody can help me with this project I would greatly appreciate it.



Answer 7 years ago

I just noticed that thanks. Ill have to see if i can find one of those


7 years ago

Iv seen a old phone to New phone match box Chinese sized copier..