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Floor lamp(s) that can be controlled from a remote control Answered

I live in an old historic apartment building that only has over-head lights in the kitchen and bathroom. My living room, and both bedrooms have just floor lamps and bedside lamps. The problem is, if you come home when it's dark, you have to fumble through int eh dark to get to the floor lamp. I would like to have a remote control that I can fix to the wall just inside the door, so I can walk in, and basically switch on my lights, without having to grope for them in the dark.  

There may already be a product on the market like this, but I cannot find one. So, I'm willing and excited about making one. Anyone got any ideas?



4 years ago

walgreens sells a thing that plugs into an outlet to make it rc.

the remote can control up to 3 outlets.


4 years ago

You can get penty of remote controlled power outlets and lamps / lamp fittings on Ebay.
But I am currently in the final stages of my new Instructable - The Forever light.
A LED night light that can be be constaly on for several weeks on a single battery, well maybe months or years, I had not time to test this out yet ;)
Just check the electronic section or my profile tomorrow and you should be able to find it.