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Floppy Disk Analog Audio Answered

recently i was experimenting with cassette tape loops and had this bright idea. so i googled it and found someone else had done this already of course.
check this out; http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/04/25/video-recording-analog-audio-to-a-floppy-disk/

could someone make a step by step instructable for this? (i dont understand it fully)



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11 years ago

. I've never tried this, but it should be very easy if you have the soldering skills. . The stepper part looked/sounded like it should be very easy. The switch just sets a point (you should be able to find a schematic online) high (5 V) or low (0 V) and you use what sounds to be a readily available pulse to fire the stepper each revolution of the disk. . If I understood, she just rewired the tape recorder head with the floppy head. The hardest part of that, and the whole project, will probably be connecting to the ribbon cable. . But I'm no expert.