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Floyd Rose locking nut on an acoustic guitar? Answered

 Would anything go wrong if you put a Floyd Rose locking nut on an acoustic? I'm refinishing/getting better parts for an acoustic guitar for a 4 year old, I'm trying to find someway of keeping the guitar in tune longer than it would if a kid were playing around with the tuners.


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Best Answer 10 years ago

Hey, I've got some great news for you. Rather than spending the time and money to adapt the nut of an acoustic guitar to support a locking nut, you have another option that will cost you around the same and not permanently damage the guitar.

I can tell you the amount of surgery required to mount the locking nut is arduous and might not even be possible on an acoustic.

Now here's the good news. You can buy a set of sperzel locking tuners for around $50.


The great news is that it will not damage the guitar nearly as much as the FR nut, and once the child is done with the acoustic, you can take the tuners out and put them in the next guitar. They are truly a great investment.