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Flyback transformer from a computer monitor? Answered

I am looking for a flyback transformer for my experiments. A friend suggested me to crack open an old crt monitor. I don't have any idea what it looks like. Can anyone help me?



Best Answer 4 years ago

There will be a thick wire leading to the side of the tube. That leads directly to the


Jack A Lopez

4 years ago

Often Google(r) Images can answer the what does some thing look like question, just by typing the name of the artifact, in this case a "flyback transformer"


Although this time it looks like only about 1/10 of the pictures are pictures of an actual flyback transformer. Confusingly there are some pictures of other kinds of transformers as well...

So maybe what Mpilch said is more helpful. The flyback is the one with the big thickly insulated wire coming off from it, a wire which attaches to the side of the CRT.

The connector to the CRT is this little metal springy thing inside a squishy plastic shield (more plastic insulation) that kind of looks like a suction cup. Squeezing this plastic connector thingy should compress its springy metal inside, and allow you to unhook it from the side of the CRT.

And its best to do that while the monitor, and thus the high voltage to the CRT, is turned OFF.