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Flyback transformer problem? Answered

I have recently dismantled an old CRT monitor i have had lying around for ages to get the flyback transformer. I have been trying to get the correct pins to using methods found on the internet none of which have seemed to work i have found what should be the primary coil and have applied the current and placed the high voltage output in front of each pin to try and find the high voltage ground, this has not worked so i have applied the current to all of the pins in every combination and still i am unable to get it to work.
Please help me.



5 years ago

I always check for resistance and continuity between two pins, and try them out.


7 years ago

hi, thank you for your feed back, I did not have a driver but I made one this morning and connected it to the pins you suggested and now it is going fine making a nice spark 2-3 cms.
thank you


7 years ago

This site may help with a typical circuit.