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Flying car idea Answered

I was thinking about building a flying car that would have most wingspan hidden under the car (pops out when activated) and the doors would be the tips. (What used to be the back doors would roll over van-style, and the back would otherwise be covered by sheet metal) In the back, there would be two vertical rudders and the spoiler would be cut into flaps for horizontal rudders. The thing would overall be powered by two helicopter jet engines. Once the flight system is activated, the gear shift (auto trans) would turn into the throttle, and the gas/brake pedals would turn into the rudder pedals. The idea is to make a flying car that still (when wings are stowed and trunk cover is closed) looks like a normal car. The question: is this possible?



8 years ago

there's already a flying car called an arocar


9 years ago

I doubt it would be possible if you made it a electric vehicle it'd be lighter which'd help it But itd probably still be too heavy and if your doors were open when flying your air resistance would be too high and you wouldnt take off


10 years ago

Sort of. Manufacturing a flying car is much easier said than done.

Do usable roadable aircraft exist? Definitely. Are they going to become popular anytime soon? Probably not.

I think the main reason these are not more popular is the difficulty in finding licensed pilots actually willing to pay for such a quirky and expensive machine.

You might want to look at this short presentation by flying car enthusiasts that explains some ways in which the design goals of a car are fundamentally opposed to those of a plane, and the difficulty in finding a good compromise.