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Folding coffee table? Answered

Hi instructable community. I am currently graduating, and I own a 484sq. feet (45m^2) apartment. I have the basics and am quite grateful for what I have. however, I belive that a coffee table is almost a necessity. The problem is that if the table isn't wide enough, it won't be of much use, and if it's too wide, it will occupy too much space and will be in the way. That's (hopefully) where you brilliant minded people come in. I was thinking about a folding coffee table that will be thin, and when I have company over, I pull on it or something and it widens up so it can comfortably hold a few glasses and maybe a book or too. I have added a few images of the area that the table will go.
The couch is 2m in length (6.56167979 feet) so you can get a generall image of the room. The couch is on a slight angle, so the small plant can fit behind it (it's on a chair so it can get sunlight),  so I can move the couch around a little for a bit more room.
Please keep in mind that I do not have many tools, but I know how to work with raw materials, It will just take a little more time (instead of an electrical saw, I have a hand saw. Same job, takes longer). Also I don't have alot of spare money and I can't find "special" items (for example, ball bearings, and pivot and swirlly stuff are out of the picture).
I know it sounds quite bizzare but I would like some help. It doesn't HAVE to be a foldable table, but I would prefer it to be, because the couch is also a bed, so if someone comes over for a couple days, I need to be able to "hide" the table to open up some space.  Worst case scenario, I'll make a small(ish) chest that will double as the table.
Thank you for your time reading this message. I will be glad to hear from any of you!



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Actually I've been looking at this table:
It seems pretty straight forward and I belive that I would be capable of making it.
Thank you for taking the time to respond mr. Kiteman.


4 years ago

Maybe a bit out of the ordinary?
When I had my tiny flat I made a table hinged on the wall.
Only one leg (foldable).
If not in use I fold the leg up and the table goes flat on the wall.
So lenght of the table is basically limited by the height when erected.
But with an additional hinge and leg it is possible to fold out another plate to extend the table.


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That is a very nice idea and quite interesting, but it is limited to a specific spot. So if you want to move around the couch it's quite a bit of a hassle. I'll keep it in mind though. Thank you