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Foodsaver 900 ? Answered

When I plug in my Foodsaver the light won't come on and no power to the machine.
What can be the problem?



4 years ago

The first thing I always check is if the fuse has blown on any electronic item.

Remove the screws on the bottom (sometimes they are hidden under the rubber feet also under any labels) Gently pull the top from the bottom making sure not to pull apart any wires or other connectors between the top and bottom. Look for the fuse, it is usually very close to the plug. It may or may not be a glass fuse. If it is a round glass fuse gently pull it from the control board. You usually can see if it has blown by a burn mark inside the glass. Also the tiny wire inside will be in 2 or more pieces.

If it is blown take it to a Radio Shack or other electronic place near you to replace it with THE SAME TYPE AND AMPERAGE. Don't substitute for a different amp or voltage, if you do it could cause a fire. If the fuse looks OK it is probably something you wont be able to fix with out some other electrical knowledge.

Hope This Helps.