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For All the Concrete Enthusiasts at Instructables Answered

Dr Purnell is actively seeking other researchers, engineers, scientists, designers or even sculptors and artists who also have ideas for new uses for cement.

I'm not sure if anyone is interested or if someone in the community previously posted this, but I thought I might throw this out to the ingenious and innovative Instructables community. I thought some of you all might be interested.

Main Page / Network Link:

Leeds engineers developing bullet proof vests from cement

Might be a good way for interested Instructables folk to continue contributing on a global scale and to showcase the open-source power of the Instructables community. Plus, it might help you out if you're younger and/or looking for undergrad or graduate level resume boosting aspects for design and/or engineering programs.



10 years ago

Technically speaking, I should have said cement enthusiasts. Oops.