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For Sale: 30 Jaws musical cards. *UPDATE* Answered

Hey people. I recently got a bunch of Jaws musical cards, and don't have a use for them all. So I thought I'd sell them to you all ;)

They play the Jaws music when you open them. And you can rip the card open and get the circuit board and speaker out if it. What can you come up with to do with them?
There's one circuit bend that I could find for it, and it's a pitch bend. It sounds pretty cool =)
The pitch resistor is R1 on the board.

The price is $2 for the first card, and then $1 a card after, plus shipping. 

Message me and we can work out the details =)

*UPDATE* I just went through all the cards to make sure they work, and had to take some out.. There are now 22 cards for sale. I still have to glitchy ones if you want them. Again, message me and we'll work it out.


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