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Form still playing up when posting Answered

I know it has been discussed a few times but I still have problems answering questions in the forum.
Right now the post button did not do anything for about about 3 minutes.
Of course I pressed it again a few times only to be greated later with a list of back end errors.
I do understand that server works, updates and so on can cause delays or other problems to the user but the current state is far from being any good to a user outside the US.
There is no way of knowing when server works are happening and a simple "backend error" does not cover it.
Either block posting during server works completely and show a corresponding message like done in most other forums or at least give the user a meaningful error message in a good time so he knows what is going on.
It is not nice to constantly delete double postings or see backend errors for no good reason.
Same for posting a new topic: nothing happens for ages and finally you see a useless error or just a blank white page.
Please fix it one way or the other as I doubt I'm alone with the problem.


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.