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Found 2 baby robins? Answered

My neighbors and I found to baby robins that were out of their nest today. They have some feathers, but not a lot. we used gloves to pick them up and put them back in their nest but they would not fit so we put some dead grass in a flower pot and put that in a tree with them in it. We saw the parents around which means they weren't totally abandoneed but I don't know if they will return to them since they saw us near thier babies. What should we do? Any help is appreciated.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Many young birds will leave the nest and hide in bushes - The parents still feed them so you should leave them alone.


Answer 10 years ago

It rained really hard yesterday and we found one of them dead in the nest. We don't know where the other one is but it probably didn't make it. Thanks for the help anyways!


10 years ago

just leave them. the same thing happened to me last summer. we brought them in and made a nest. we looked on line and found you can give them cat food soaked in water and drop bits of it into their mouths. the local animal hospital or shelters would not take the birds and they ended up dying. it was a sad life for them and they are totally dirty. if the parents don't care for them then it's not your fault.