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Free 1-Year Instructables Pro Membership Giveaway! Answered

Hello everyone!

Two of my craft tutorials ( How To Make a Textile Noodle Necklace and Easy T-shirt Makeover ) were featured at the homepage! For that I was lucky to earn TWO 1-year Pro Memberships. Can you believe it?

Now that I don`t need another 1-year Pro Membership I have made a giveaway in my blog The Things We Do Blog.
So if anyone of you guys is interested to join - you are welcome.
Just visit this blog post.

Keep in mind that with a Pro membership you can create custom PDF’s of your favorite products, view all steps on one page and hand out digital patches to your favorite makers. 

I`m using a Rafflecopter form to except giveaway entries and choose the winner. 
Hope you can win! :-)

Giveaway page is here

Update: I wanted to thank everyone who entered the giveaway. Your comments will help me find the best direction of blog  development and write about stuff you`re interested in. For those who became a fan of our Facebook fan page - I`ll make sure to keep you informed about your new blogposts and show some fun and useful staff.

And the winner of this giveaway is:

Buddy Garrett !


Buddy`s name was chosen by random.org. 
Stay tuned, cause I`m planning more giveaways soon.


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Lucy Choe
Lucy Choe

8 years ago

Hello! I`m hosting the new Pro Membership giveaway!
Description is here: http://thethings-we-do.com/november-instructables-pro-membership-giveaway/


8 years ago

Fun! You should post the results here, and tell us a bit more about the winner and how he found you!

Lucy Choe
Lucy Choe

Reply 8 years ago

Thank for the advice! I have added the winner`s name to the topic.
And one more thing - I`m running another Instructables Pro Membership giveaway . More details are in another topic https://www.instructables.com/community/September-Instructables-Pro-Memberships-Giveaway/
So everyone is free to join.