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Free Animation Software? Answered

Hey, I recently got really into animation, like the type done at Pixar, and I was wondering if anyone knew a nice, free software for animation purposes. I'm not talking about Powtoon or anything like that, I would like to make the characters using softwares, not pre-made circles and rectangles. I'd prefer online software, but it can be downloadable. But my biggest thing is that it needs to be free. Google hasn't been much help in this matter, and I was wondering if any of you animators knew. I'm looking to make movies with this. Thanks for the help! Best Answer chosen as soon as possible!!



Best Answer 4 years ago

You have not been looking right, otherwise you would have found Blender.
It is the standard fr animation, not just in the freeware area.


Answer 4 years ago

What about those who don't know how to use blender or any other complicated animation platform? Is there any animation program that is easier to learn? Just asking...


Answer 4 years ago

Well, thank you! I'll try this out! Although, it doesn't seem Blender is online, I think you need to download it. Thanks for the software though!


Answer 4 years ago

There is nothing worth to mention in this field that works online.
You might be able to fins a service to render your animations, but AFAIK you always have to create the files yourself.
But you should be fine with Blender once you got used to it, it also has a lot of online tutorials available.


3 years ago

Check out animatron.com - it has free and it's awesome