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Free Energy - Am I insane or is it time to wake up? Answered

Some might have noticed that I started a few, lets say, unconventional topics here.
I added one just as a response to some very nasty feedback I got in other places.
If you wonder what I am talking about check my topics about all things related to magnetism, "free energy" and such nonsense.

The feedback I got was directed personal enough and verbal enough that I decided to increase my speed of seeding bread crumbs that might allow other people to "see" things slightly differently.
Being called insane and mental case is the only things I use here as most of the rest would qualify as insults of the worst kind.
The goal that was claimed I totally missed is to make people open up.
Science or knowledge is as fluent as life itself.
It eveloves with us, around us and through us.
But we learned to use technology mostly to replace humans and to make our life easier.
With that laziness also a reduced "desire" for knowledge and understand evolved.
It is now far easier to "Google it" and forget it right after than to acutally learn and really understand something.
A prime example is the disappearing artform of creating Japanese swords.
No industrial process can produce a steel as pure and with such properties as used to be "offered" to the master swordsmith.
Both are highly specialsed and rely on each other to create the perfect sword that outlasts generations.
Once tradition gives way to modern life even this art will become a lost artform.

We lost so much already, be it species, health, enviroment or just a "clean planet".
Instead of accepting nature back into our scientific thinking and understanding we will continue to fail and get even more reluctant to learn new things.
The blockbusters of science are no longer finding new laws of phsics or trying to understand things.
We try to go further and further and use more and more dangerous ways to "create" the energy we continue to use more and more with no regrets.
Well, other than complaining about the bills for it, which we wouldn't have otherwise...
Why do we need more forms of colliding atoms to create energy?
No because we need so much, only because we want more and more and at "centralised" locations.
Distribution, control, money...
Allowing us to use solar panels to reduce our electricity bill is nice, but try to overdo it and make good money by creating you own solar panel park and you get into trouble already.
You can't see it anywhere other then back to your provider.
And you only get whatever he thinks is a fair price for it, usually far less than what you pay to get it.
Once you reach zero some even won't pay you money at all.
And since there is always winter and night times it is only good that there will be always a need for electricity from the grid.
Just try to get rid of your elecricity, water and gas connection in a township or city in case you found other sources you get for free.....
Even if you build new most won't even allow you to without these "required" connections.
If you need waste waster you also need tap water you pay for.
And since a waste water treatment is no longer hyginic enough (despite proving the opposite) you can't get out.
Gas you might be able to avoid but if there is electricity in the stree than it is already a building requirement to provie to the builder...

What if all this nonsense and fakery actually has a true background somewhere?
Humans are not meant to fly but we developed planes anyways.
What once was a dream for a select few is now the prefered travel mode ofr most going on a far away holiday.
But it is only so popular because there is a big demand.
And where is demand profit can be made.
Like a farmer:
If you have ton of corn like twenty farmers around you then your local price will be low.
Sell them a bit further away and you might get a lot more.
In return our demand is closly related to the demands of those that provide the source of your demands.
We all need energy and we evolve into a society that will need more of with every new generation.
I try to give you hint in the form of a comparison:
If you have a nice man cave and love to tinker than you might have a framed hand drill on the wall to remind you of how it all started for your grandfather.
Or in most case you just liked it and got it for 2 bucks from a garage sale LOL
Either, imagine all electricity would be gone and lost forever.
Suddenly this crappy drill becomes a status symbol because only you can do things other people really struggle with - you drill holes with ease...
Imagine the rpice you could ask to sell it...
"Free energy" is the same but sadly in reverse.
If a company sees a profit than it will be utilised some way.
And if it happens that energy is your main income and keeps you rich and in control than you don't mind paying two or three fortunes to someone so he can forget and is happy give you his machine.
Or would you really say no to life of no limits and with nothing to worry for your future generations of kids and grandkids?
A few tried anyway to make a furtune themself by keeping a circle of trusted persons and finding enough willing investors to get their project going.
Even if you can find some flaws there are still doubts about what someone would go through the lenght of providing online updates, sales numbers, testimonials and so on for years.
Funny enough actually finding someone who is sceptic and make him check and report about it does not work either.
No big university orders one or asks to really check it and provide a real world testimonial.
No government or legal agency steps in to stop the "fraud" either.
What is real, what is fake, what is disguise - you can figure it out if you want to.

Ok, I could, but why bother if litereally everyone one already did and showed nothing works when it comes to the great unknown?
Exactly for that reason alone it is worth it!
People might make money now from ads or through clickbait but the topic is older than the internet already.
And the proof even older than electricity...
So many people would not try unless someone convinced them to try it ;)
Might be just a bad joke but gets the point:
If you ask 20 people if you can swim through the river to get to the other side then you might get confusing answers.
1. No problem it is safe.
Fully true but the guy might be from far up the river where it has no crocodiles in it...
2. You could try it but a boat is safer as there might be corcodiles here.
Still leaves you the option to swim as you can't be sure about the reptiles...

You could go on and create a near endless list with bridges up ahead and so on.
What it comes to is that depending on HOW you ask and WHO you ask the answers can be as different as day and night.
In terms of science and making someone understand it take the most basic approach possible.
Remember that time in school when your math teacher confronted you the existence of negative numbers?
The confusion with the zero and how to add, subtract or multiply...
Your teacher might have been great or you a quick learner but imagine the worst possible way to teach you an understanding of negative numbers!
You know that 5 - 8 equals -3.
You learned that this is true and why it is so.
Imagine your teacher would have explained this extra simple like back with the apples when learning to add numbers.
"If there are 5 people in a room and 8 people leave the room, then 3 people must go back in so that room is empty!"
Makes total sense if you expand the number game from above to 5 - 8 + 3 = 0 !!
No sense at all however if you do it with people ;)
People are not numbers, pressures or volumes, they are "real" to us.
We associate certain things automatically, other we learn to associate and interpret through learning.
Learning however is no longer actually doing all that would be involved in less technological world.

We like magic tricks because we fail to understand how it is done or sometimes even how it is possible.
Today it is for entertainment only.
A true magician would never use his skills to scam people.
But spend enough and research and you can do the same trick you saw on stage.
Some not as good or not all though - thats life...
Ask a good magician how how long it took him to get his new trick ready for the stage and quite often you get to hear it was years in the making.
Think about that fact when you judge what is possible by dedication ;)


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