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I offer free help in the scouting and outdoor and computer a and some electronics sector, leave a comment or pm me, and anyone wanting to help help people please just start answering questions, this is like the answers area on one page, if babbled on to much, haven't I...



8 years ago


I really need help. I've been working on this dern motion detection alarm and am having problems with the delay circuit. I think I have assembled it right and it never works. I have completely re-done it twice! What it is supposed to do is once power from the relay is sent to the 555 timer it will impose a 1 minute delay before sending the power to the alarm/horn. This gives owner adequate time to enter code to disarm. The relay part of the circuit works fine and sends power to the 555 timer and latches as it should. However, the 555 timer never sends power out of pin 3. Could you please draw the attached schematic in breadboard fashion so I can double check everything is assembled properly? I would really appreciate it!!!


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