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Free PRO Membership Membership for members that make my I'bles (IGNORE THIS) Answered

You should probably ignore this forum topic if you've come here through the forums. I normally give out free PRO memberships to members that make a project that I've show how to make in one of my Instructables, and share pictures... I can't really find a place where it fits in the Instructables, and normally post it as a top comment, but I don't like that - It can make replying to commentators a bit confusing sometimes...
I've decided to post the "rules" here, and link this forum topic in the Instructable. This would also be interesting how many people are actually interested in one...

So... Do you want a FREE PRO Membership?

Here's what you have to do to be able to receive a free premium membership to Instructables:

1. Follow me on Instructables (recommended!)

2. Post a comment (Don't forget to click "I Made It!") with pictures of your finished project, along with explanations, or anything else that you'd like. Don't forget to let me know that you'd actually like to receive one.

3. Nothing! I will PM you the free code!

What type of code will I send you in the PM?
If you are the first one - For big projects, particularly ones that I'm really proud of, I'll send you a full 1 year membership. For smaller ones, I'll send you a 3-month membership.
If you aren't the first one - Big projects: 3-month membership. Small projects: I haven't decided, and it depends, though it will probably be only a patch.

If you want to know if I'm giving away a membership in an specific I'ble, click "CTRL/Cmnd F" and type in "membership", since I normally write about them in the intro, last step, or in a top comment. Keep in mind that they've already given them away in some I'bles... :)

I currently am able to give several years worth of pros. There also isn't a limit to the amount of PRO's that you can get :)


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...But where did you post a picture of something you made? See step 2!