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Free Pro Memberships For Tips On Instructables Answered

Instructables in more than 9 years old and more people are joining than ever before!

I want to see your most user-friendly tips and tricks for getting around the site, up for grabs are two 3 month PRO memberships and a 1 year PRO membership!

To give you an idea of what I am looking for, here is a little-known thing I have found out: The quickest way to the Instructables upcoming contest page is via the link in all the contests! If you go to any contest page you will see a link to the upcoming contest page.

So get exploring and post your tips for getting around!

This is my first ever mini contest so please let me know what you think!



4 years ago

This ends on either New Year or 50 entrants, whichever comes first so be quick!


4 years ago

Instructables is a website that shows you how to do things.

Somewhat ironically and quite appropriately it can also tell you how to become an active, effective, and somewhat respected community member. Here is a big list of links to instructables content about Instructables.






Furthermore, the site design itself is full of instructional content. Rather intuitively, the little button on the bottom menu of the webpage that says help takes you to an amazing page that helps. Here is that link, rather redundantly.


Another piece of advice is to learn from your superiors. There are many members of this site who really excel at being great authors, communicators, teachers, and community involved figures. The cool thing about those people is that they have pretty much the same set of opportunities that you do: the website, an interest in making, some sort of raw materials, and an unnatural appreciation for bold shades of orange. Sure you may not have as much money or technical know how or facial hair as some of them but you have the ability to make stuff. There is very little preventing you from becoming the next kiteman, caitlinsdad, or mrballeng (all well known and exemplary members of the site.)

Copy instructables. I'm not saying rip off ideas or plagiarize, but copy the writing styles, the formatting, the picture layouts. Pretty much any idiot can recognize quality, and imitating what seems good (in PRESENTATION STYLE, not CONTENT!) is a great way to improve your overall image on the site and contribute effective content.

I could write more, but I wont, further writing is now up to you, the inquiring user.

Also, I officially disqualify myself from winning anything in this forum. I have too many pro memberships already, and good advice is its own reward,.


4 years ago

My tip is to post on topics that you can give help to someone else as sooner or later you will need someone to comment on your topic to get help so help others and they will help you back. :)


Reply 4 years ago

Hi, you have the only answer but unfortunately this finished on new years eve.

You have a great tip - not quite what I was looking for but I am happy to give you a 3 month PRO membership if you want?

One of the little known tips I have found is you can see when someone has read your PM - if you haven't read a PM it will be a bold orange text in your inbox, the same is with your outbox - if the recipient hasn't read the mail it will be bold orange in your outbox !


Reply 4 years ago

Hi, I know but I though there would be no harm to give a nice little tip. :)

oh why thank you! I like to give "think out side the box" kinda answers. I would love a 3 month PRO membership. Thank you very much.

That's a really good tip. I have only just joined the site there less then 2 hours ago so it's good to find out tips like that, I wish people had taken more time to give a tip on your post as it doesn't take long at all.