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Free Raspberry Pi? Answered

I can't afford one currently and i thought it wouldn't hurt anything if i asked the community of makers if they had a extra raspberry pi to give away or if they had a raspberry pi model A that has been replaced by the model B.


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7 years ago

Its just a single board computer with a couple GPIO pins;'.
You are posting on instrucables so you already have a computer.
Install linux on your computer, install scratch, figure out how to hook it up to a TV and you can do anything a pi can do.


7 years ago

I won't give you a Pi, but I can tell you how to get one.
The tools you need are . . . Discipline + Patience.

Save a dollar a week from your allowance or from mowing lawns / shoveling snow
around your neighborhood. In a bit over six months, you will have saved up enough
to buy a Model A Pi, including shipping.

Some hints for earning/saving:

* Give up buying consumables you can do without, such as candy bars.
* Tutor a few of your less intellectually gifted classmates for, say, $5/hr.
* Play a music instrument at parties and events. If you're not musically
talented then learn to juggle or do a passable imitation as a stand-up
comedian. Or even train yourself to become an accomplished story-teller.
Entertaining is a great way to earn a few bucks.

And then there's the easy, semi-cheating way to get a Pi.
Simply ask your parents or relatives to give you one as a
birthday present.

Hey, kid, be creative. It'll get you farther in life than book learning.
And, good luck.


8 years ago

1. Nothing is free.
2. Consider your request as a grant proposal to sway people into giving you one.
Give an idea in which part of the world you are in.
Besides not being able to afford a Raspi, what other factors make you deserving of one?
What would you do with one? What else have you done to reach this goal?
What would you get out of having one? Would the donor get any benefit from this?
and so on... Look at kickstarter.com or indiegogo.com to see how other projects seek funds to get an idea of what you are trying to do. Good luck.


Reply 7 years ago

I agree - Putting out some interesting or even simply directed investigative intent for the freebie would make it much more interesting for people to donate to a stranger instead of finding a friend to gift it to, etc.

So, what would you get up to with the Pi, prototypeBOTs? : - )