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Free, cool science interactives for learning science! Answered

My name is George Mehler and I am the K-12 science supervisor for the Central Bucks School District and a key leader for Building a Presence for Science in Pennsylvania. We are a suburban Philadelphia school district, which serves about 20,000 students.

We have been working on an online learning community for science education for the last 4 years and would like to invite you to take a look at it. In April 2006, we had over 300,000 hits from 85 different countries! This is a completely free and open web site, and will remain FREE.

The name of the website is learningscience.org (http://www.learningscience.org/index.htm)

Or click this link to see our LIFE SCIENCE section…

We have searched for, and found high-quality, FREE, web interactives from all over the world. We use the National Science Education Standards (NSES) as our framework. No matter what area of science (K-12) you are interested in you will find engaging interactives for your students. All of the interactives are free.

Most of these interactives require the free plug-ins Flash, Shockwave, or Java, which many computers already have installed in their browser.

Thanks for taking the time to visit us. If you find the site useful, please use our “Tell a Friend” feature at the bottom of each page to email others. Or if you found a cool interactive that we should know about please hit our “Report a Link” at the top of each page.

George Mehler
Supervisor of Science and Secondary Technology
Central Bucks School District
267 893 2044

Professor of Science Education
Temple University


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