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Free idea for the glowing contest Answered

Here is a free idea for the glowing contest. I don't have the time or inclination to make it, so y'all can fight over who does it if you want.

Basically, the idea is just a yellow or pale green led or series of leds that glow in the same pattern as female fireflies, in the theory that this will attract males to your garden or whatever. I know that you are supposed to get rid of extraneous light sources to attract fireflies, but this sounds like it could work to me.

Feel free to do it, so long as you give me credit for the original idea in the first line of the ible.

Doesn't anybody like it...even a little bit...?


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12 years ago

Not to go off topic too far, but have you heard the RadioLab broadcast/podcast called Emergence?

If you have time, download and listen to There is No Lord of the (Fire)Flies which is, I believe about an hour long program, but you can listen to it in the background as you do other things, if you haven't the time, until they start talking about the FireFlies........
I thought it was soooo cool :-)