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Free image to GCode software Answered

Hello All,

 First off I am not just posting questions to get help and run. I am currently working on a project for a CNC machine that I will eventually post up here on Instructables. I am using a whole slew of free programs and hacked hardware/ custom work just because I have alot of free time during semester breaks.

  So my question is, do you guys know of any good, fast, free, gcode or vectorization software packages to convert images to tool cutting codes? If you know of a good engraver that would be awesome too! Having some 3d reliefs would be awesome.

  I am currently using Eagle, with PCB Gcode by using the Eagle plugin for bitmap images, selecting the color for the relief and running pcb gcode on the trace. Its not a bad program but when I want to vectorize a 18x10 inch image with really fine detail it takes 10 minutes to go through and figure it all out... I am fairly new to any such programs so I might be expecting something unreasonable considering the images I want to do this on have very fine detail and its just the nature of the beast. Thanks for lookin!


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