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Free learning lessons Answered

Ill skip to the important stuffs.Basiclly I'm not allowed to learn from online class.Can you make it free(not all just a little bit)



3 years ago

Post an Instructable that'll get featured. You'll get a free PRO membership.

With a PRO membership, you get access to all of the classes for free.


3 years ago

The classes are part of Premium membership.

You can get a Premium membership by paying, or by posting an instructable that is cool enough to get featured.

If you think that is way too hard I have to wonder why you would need the premium access for free ;)
I don't really care too much about being featured or not, same for contests as I think sharing is caring.
There is something I am making or planning to make that I think is worth posting here and I do so.
And if you check some of the Instructables that got featured you will soon realise the idea and presentation is often worth more than th actual content.
With the huge amount of contests on top there should be enough to make trying worth your while.