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Fridge Magnet... Sportsmanship Ethics Answered

Good Day, and congratulations to everyone! First, I commend all of you that did not give any negative ratings to fridge magnet contest entries while you had an entry of your own. There were quite a few of you. Second, I'd like to take a moment to talk about bullies. I am defining a bully as someone that gives a gross amount of negative ratings in a very short period of time. Most of these negative ratings were placed on projects that already had a high score. After looking at the numbers -- even if we took into consideration negative ratings, the results would not have changed. Your efforts were in vain. To the community, 2 negative ratings within 3 seconds, 40 minutes before voting closed -- do you feel this fair play? To the bullies, you know who you are.


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13 years ago

No, a bully is different. People who post -ve comments (in the vain hope of doing themselves a favour) are, like those who wait until the last few seconds before putting in a bid on Ebay, trying to manipulate the system. It's not sporting, but it is to be expected.
As you have pointed out it is also futile.
And it would have been better if you had said we know who you are (true or otherwise)