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Fridge freezer to kegarator fermenter combo? Answered

Gooday all, One for your Homebrew/refrigeration techs out there.

I've got an old fridge freezer that I have decided to try put to some use by converting the freezer compartment to a fermentation chamber and the fridge area into a kegarator.

I'm pretty confident I can do the necessary work for either of these jobs (with instructables guidelines!) but not sure about a fridge freezer as it's running off one compressor so (and I'm guessing here) if I have the freezer only kicking in occasionally to cool my fermenting chamber will that mean the fridge only kicks in occasionally too??

Will I not be able to have cool kegs and warm fermenters??? Help please, I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it!


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8 years ago

No your idea will not work. At least not how you currently envision it.

The thermostat in the freezer is what controls the pump. The controls on the fridge side control the air flow from the freezer to the fridge. So you might be able to put the kegarator in the freezer. If you stick with using a pony keg. Just keep the temp at it's warmest setting. Then the fermenter can be in the fridge. You may need to do some more modifications so the vent between the freezer and fridge is open less often to maintain the required temps.